“I decided that magical person who would come to hand me everything I would desire would be me.”

~Paola Mathe


Popshot Magazine: The Future Issue

“Popshot is an illustrated literary magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction and poetry from the literary new blood.”

The future may seem frightening and full of evil, and maybe it is to an extent, but we often forget that the media isn’t representative of the real future. The future is when you wake in the morning with the sun in your eyes. It’s how you go about your day. The real future isn’t as dramatic as the media portrays it. At some point, the reality of the media began to outweigh our own. But we shouldn’t be discouraged. Quite the opposite, in fact.Read More »

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Even better: July will have their biggest pack yet, featuring 12 stickers!

You can purchase the bento here.

Broken Skies

​Footsteps lost to the night, Uvri bent down and tightened the cloak around the boy, lowering the hood to hide his face. 

“We only have a bit of walking ahead of us.”
“How much walking?”
“Two days.”
The boy’s hand fell to his side, eyes downcast. They seemed weary and aged in the dim streetlight, a look not suited for a child. There wasn’t much he could offer Camim. Not while they were being hunted. Not until they found her.

(Broken Skies is a rp story written by Arsenic and Darcy on eliteskills.com)

E3 has come and gone again. It was a busy work week so I missed a few conferences (The day I had off I watched the Microsoft conference. My main console is PlayStation)  And while this year’s convention didn’t stack up to several gamers’ expectations, there were definitely titles that caught my attention.Read More »