E3 has come and gone again. It was a busy work week so I missed a few conferences (The day I had off I watched the Microsoft conference. My main console is PlayStation)  And while this year’s convention didn’t stack up to several gamers’ expectations, there were definitely titles that caught my attention.

So a quick round up of some the games presented at E3 I’m looking forward to in the coming year.


My overall pick for E3. I’ve been enjoying games like Child of Light and Song of the Deep. While it doesn’t exactly follow the same setup, it looks like a game I’d enjoy. The reader guides a warrior mouse name Quill through the story, solving puzzles and clearing obstacles for her to pass while fighting off other creatures of the forest. This is a story I can’t wait to explore.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

I loved Life is Strange. I can’t wait to finally see who Rachel is and unfold the events leading to her disappearance in the first game.

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom

A sequel set hundreds of years after “Wrath of the White Witch.” Evan Pettiwhiskers Tildrum is a young king usurped from his castle by the mouse tribe. He sets out to reclaim his kingdom and learn what it truly means to be a king.

Kingdom Hearts 3

The myth. The legend.


An action RPG where bold explorers called Freelancers wield Javelin exosuits, each equipped with unique abilities and weapons, as you venture through a primeval world. World-altering Shaper Storms, forgotten ruins, ruthless beasts and marauders, not to mention forces plotting the downfall of humanity. Sounds like the Freelancers have their work cut out for them.

A Way Out

Two guys in prison, both looking for a way out to deliver their version of revenge. Cool story, yea? Except you can only play the game with another person. You both play out different scenarios of the same story, working together to make your escape.

What games are you looking forward for 2017?


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