Post-It #12

Things have been moving pretty fast lately. Which is impressive since I thought last month was busy. A quick rundown of events so far since I should go to bed soon:

  • We finally moved into our new place and after a bumpy day, the three of us are settling in. It’s spacious compared to our last apartment. I can’t wait to make this into a home I can love.
  • I’m starting back on a story a friend and I dreamed up back in college. We have quite a number of those but this one has had our attention the longest. Although we usually don’t reply to the other’s part for a few years, hopefully we can work on it more often and get started on another. Thinking on it, I’ll need to do some serious revisions on my end. And update my profile on the site.
  • Continuing on the topic of personal projects, I’ve been working on two zines. I set the deadline for one of them this month but my draft got packed away somewhere during the move. I’ll probably have to sketch it out again. The second one I’m taking my time with since I don’t really have it entirely figured out. You see zines with a consistent theme and something interesting ┬áto give to their readers and I’m just meh. I’m considering getting a friend to help out. Well, she offered so I would just be accepting her help. I won’t rush it. I’ve got more than enough to think about before I dive into it.

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