Post-It #11b

One short story in the bag! It’s nothing big. Something I wrote for my pen pal after being inspired by a poem she wrote based on a dream she had. This was in January. I finished it last night at 2 a.m. While I was typing it, I had youtube playing in the background to fill the silence. One of the videos was ‘how to make a zine’ by Jordan Clark. A project on my list is to do a series of zines. As I was watching, I was hit with another idea. I’m nearing my one year mark of living in New York and wanted to do a post of sorts to mark the occasion. I thought: what if I did a zine about my year here and sent it to folks back home who wanted one? Of course, to do this, I’d have to have a pretty good rough draft of the content and how it’ll look. And it’d have to be done by June at the latest so I could mail them out at a reasonable time. Between my promotion at work and moving at the end of the month (again), it certainly seems like a lot of my free time will be dedicated to this little project of mine.

But it’ll be great practice for future zines I have in mind.

Sidenote: Funny how both these posts correspond with each other. Hence the ‘a’ and ‘b’ part. The problem I spoke about before seems to be sorting itself out. Though, I’ll have to be careful not to stay up too late.


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