The Eyes

“The eyes are the hardest to forget.
The eyes of her mother, wild and free. The eyes of her lover as he escorted her to the throne. Eyes forming a sea of green, blue and brown filled with horror. The eyes of a dead man outside the ballroom door.”


“She gathered my pain and wove it into Spring.”

Tame, short story 

Around The Web

In a Heartbeat” is 4-minute short film following Sherwin, a middle school boy struggling to come to terms with his crush on Jonathan, the most popular boy in school. After his heart pops out of his chest, Sherwin must chase down his runaway heart before it reveals his true feelings to Jonathan and the entire student body.


The creators are Beth David and Esteban Bravo, senior Computer Animation students at the Ringling College of Art and Design. The film was successfully funded on Kickstarter late last year and will hopefully be available for viewing online this summer. And what better film to truly bring in the warmer season. With a lack of LGBT+ animated movies, it’s great to see a film that takes a real, and often over-sexualized, topic and portrays it in a sweet, lighthearted way.

Post-It #11a

What do you do when you have a million things you want to do at once? It feels like there isn’t enough time in a day for it all. The schedule at work is set for the most part but there’s always the chance of being called in. If I decide on a time to work on a certain project, the time dedicated to it could be pushed  aside due to my job. How do you get that time back?

Artistic License

I’d like to own a tablet so I can buy digital sketchbooks from my favorite artists. That’s it. Well, that’s my main reason anyway. Many artist sell their books online for reasonable prices through sites like Gumroad. Some even release rough concepts of original works like webcomics and personal projects. Now. Continue reading “Artistic License”

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