Strangers Like Me

~Being a Soft Black Girl~

“Black Joy

Is what happens when you try to kill a soul

And it lives.”

“Black JOY”, spoken word by Lindsay Young

The best way to build a community is to support its foundation. That foundation happens to be young women like me: soft and different from what society considers the norm for black girls/women. We’re with loud, angry and ghetto or playing pretend when we aren’t the former. You can’t enjoy something for the sake of it being something you genuinely love without someone mentioning the fact that you’re “acting white,” often words from friends and family members before the rest of the world catches up.

A fake still trying to become something other than yourself.

But this is me. Always has been.

And I’ll continue to build upon the foundation other black women share with me. The fact that there are others who felt the same and still strived to be true to themselves is comforting. I didn’t have this little community growing up. Although, I’d like to think I navigated my way to adulthood just fine. The number of people who accepted me and my interests outnumbered any hurtful and uncomfortable comments.

I have this community now. I’ll support it so I can experience my happiness to the fullest and hopefully, show another soft black girl she can too.


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