Top 10 Pins: Valentine Edition

That awkward moment when you have enough pins on your wishlist to make several top ten lists. So why not show off some that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day! Or maybe you just want something cute to decorate yourself with past the holiday. Here are ten of my favorite recent finds.


This is a great balance between cute and spooky. Stay cute. Stay weird.


Cutie Squad!


Let the world know how magical you are with this magical pin. Speaking of magical…


Usagi taught me many things, including the importance of self-love and self-care. It’s okay if some days get to you. 5 more minutes wouldn’t hurt.


Every magical girl needs a magical companion.


For those times when you love snacks more than people.


Chili cheese fries so you know it’s real.


This pin speaks for itself. Let everyone know how cold your heart is. Or how you prefer your drinks.


Not only does The Lantern Girl Shop have some of my favorite Sailor moon pins but who could pass up the chance to let your bestie that they’re pretty great. That’s a lot coming from someone who hates everyone.


Take on the virtual world together with these Player 1 and Player 2 enamel pins.

Hopefully this will get you in the mood to start your own enamel pin collection! With so many designs floating around, you’re guaranteed to find one that fits your style.

Cover Image: ThePinkSamurai


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